Are Squirrels Afraid Of Owls?


Are Squirrels Afraid Of Owls?

Are owls frightened of squirrels? You’re probably looking for a truly effective approach to get rid of squirrels from your yard if you have a squirrel problem.

Due to the fact that owls are a natural predator of squirrels in the wild, they are feared by them. The type of owl will hunt and devour squirrels both during the day and at night. When squirrels are on the ground, they are most susceptible to owl attacks. If a squirrel detects an owl nearby, they will stay away from that location.

Let’s examine how you can utilize this information to deter squirrels from visiting your garden.

Do Owl eat squirrels?

Owls are carnivores, which means they can only eat meat to be alive. Smaller mammals, insects, and birds make up this flesh. Due to their close proximity to owls and their habitat in trees, squirrels are the ideal tiny prey for owls to hunt.

Not every owl will consume squirrels. Whether the owl consumes squirrels will determine its size. Smaller squirrels prefer to eat mice and other tiny creatures like insects.

Large owls that frequently hunt squirrels include:

  • owls with long ears
  • Brown owls
  • Arctic owl
  • Superior horned owl
  • Barred owl

This is not a comprehensive list, and if food is short, the majority of squirrels will try to hunt another squirrel. Smaller owls may attempt to attack the younger, smaller squirrels in this situation.

Squirrels are more active during the day, whereas owls are often nocturnal creatures. Therefore, they will have more luck killing squirrels in the morning and evening.

Owl Decoys for Squirrels

Owl Decoys for Squirrels

A plastic owl decoy can be used to drive squirrels out of your yard.

The advantages of utilizing an owl decoy to frighten away squirrels include the following:

  1. Cost-effective, often $20–$30) to purchase with no maintenance.
  2. With a decoy, which is a natural way, squirrels are neither harmed or wounded.
  3. simple to use These can be attached with cable ties, weighted down, or placed on a straightforward post.
  4. frightful to pests. An owl decoy can scare off unwanted birds in addition to squirrels.

To make the fake owl as realistic as possible, you should get a sizable one. When a squirrel spots a big owl, it flees for its life. One of the top-rated decoy owl packs on Amazon is this one.

A fake owl with glass or reflecting eyes is also something you want. This is what will frighten the squirrels and draw their attention.

Use owl decoys as part of your Halloween decor to deter squirrels from your pumpkin displays.

The Best Way to Use an Owl Decoy

Placing an owl decoy where an owl would typically rest is the best method to employ one. They should be positioned higher than the area in your yard where the squirrels are. They must be placed on tall tree branches, roofs, or structures to accomplish this.

To keep the squirrels away from your huge yard, you could need two or more owls.

The issue with owl decoys is that they frequently only function for a limited time. These decoys are quickly adapted by squirrels, who learn that they don’t constitute a threat to them.

Try to sometimes move the decoy around your yard if this occurs to you. Alternately, remove it for a short period of time before replacing it.

Try to play squirrel sounds into your yard as another workaround. This will encourage the squirrel to perceive both sound and sight as threats.

Some owl decoys have wind-moving heads or solar-powered eyes that are easier to notice at night. These added elements may keep squirrels away for a little while longer (This model has both features).

An owl decoy hung from the ceiling can help to create natural movement that will alarm the neighboring squirrel.

How effective are owl decoys?

Your squirrels’ level of commitment will impact how well your owl decoy works.

Use the aforementioned advice for the ideal positioning and to prevent the squirrels from growing accustomed to the owl decoy for the greatest results. The decoy will only work for a few days to a week if you set it up and then leave it before the squirrel discovers it’s not a threat.

The purpose is to intimidate the squirrel. It won’t work if they don’t.

One of the first stages in attempting to keep squirrels out of your yard is typically using a decoy owl. Squirrels are intelligent, so you’ll probably require a strategic strategy. Along with other organic techniques, using an owl decoy will aid in permanently removing the squirrel problem.

Alternatives to an owl decoy

Do Owl eat squirrels?

Why not try another animal if an owl decoy does sound like the proper deterrent for you? Devices that mimic fox and coyote eyes and growls are available. If your area has a large population of ground squirrels, these can work fairly well. One of the bestsellers on Amazon is this.

The issue with the tools is that, like the owl decoy, you’ll probably need to use them occasionally. This is done to prevent the squirrels from growing used to them.

Several readers have also had success with an ultrasonic bug deterrent that you can plug in (This one gets rave reviews). Although the sounds produced by these gadgets are inaudible to humans, they are intolerable to squirrels. These have the advantage of being set once and forgotten. As a result, you won’t need to recall to relocate something in your yard on a regular basis to deter squirrels.

Final thoughts

Owls are a natural predator, thus squirrels are wary of them. Given their position at the top of the food chain for birds, owls will hunt and devour small mammals like squirrels. This naturally causes owls to terrify squirrels.

To naturally ward off squirrels in your yard, employ owl decoys. These may be effective for a few days. To keep the squirrel away for any amount of time, you’ll need a plan in place. In the long run, using an owl decoy along with other deterrent techniques can be helpful against squirrels.


Why do squirrels bite humans?

There are no naturally hostile species of squirrel. They are wild animals, though, and they may bite as a kind of defense if they perceive you or another animal to be a threat. Even house pets will attack if they feel threatened. As a general rule, you should avoid attempting to handle wild creatures, such as squirrels.

Is it OK to feed a squirrel?

Feeding squirrels could make them forget their inherent dread of people, which wouldn’t be beneficial for either party. The urge to avoid humans helps squirrels stay safe from the threats provided by people, and since they stay away from us, it helps avoid unwelcome interactions between us and them, such bites.

Are squirrels a good pet?

Your garden or neighborhood may be home to squirrels. They are entertaining to watch as they scurry around, and you might think that they would make adorable pets. Squirrels are generally not good pets because they are not domesticated.

Will a squirrel bite you?

While healthy squirrels won’t bite until provoked, the likelihood of contracting rabies via a bite from a squirrel is low because they extremely infrequently contract the disease and haven’t been reported to transmit it to humans.

What does a squirrel eat?

Although soil, twigs, and bark are significant sources of nutrients and roughage, dried corn on the cob is a squirrel favorite. Squirrels are primarily herbivores, but when the seasons are challenging, they will also eat a range of insects like caterpillars, crickets, and larvae.


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