Build a squirrel proof bird feeder


Build a squirrel proof bird feeder

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Are bothersome squirrels consuming your bird’s food? If so, there are ways to keep this unwanted visitor away. The intelligence of squirrels is a little-known truth about them. They believe that any food will do. They will find a way to get their chubby little hands on anything that looks appetizing if they want to eat it. Squirrels are entertaining to observe from a distance, at least until they take over your birdfeeder. Not only will your favorite birds avoid the feeder, but there’s a strong possibility the squirrel will also demolish it.

Consider Your Options

You could decide to buy a bird feeder that is squirrel-proof. There is a large selection offered. In some of the most recent designs, when a squirrel jumps, a bird feeder is even shut off. It has become common practice for people to construct their own squirrel-proof bird feeders.

Building some sort of baffle is one of the simplest and most affordable solutions to solve your squirrel problem. A simple cylinder- or dome-shaped object that may be placed over your bird feeder called a baffle. The term “baffling” is now used to describe a variety of imaginative ways to “baffle” the ravenous furry critter, including other forms of deterrence (such plastic bottles fastened to a wire).

They come in a variety of designs, and some feature moving cylinders that shake the surface and knock the squirrel off balance. A sloped disk or tapering cones are examples of other designs. They might have a slick surface and be made of metal or plastic. If your birdfeeder has a roof, you can modify the roof so that it functions as a baffle. If you want to effectively keep those animals out, you’ll have to work with it and change the positioning.

The choice of non-toxic, clean materials is one of the most crucial aspects to keep in mind when making a baffle. Next, design the baffle so that it rotates or shakes when a squirrel leaps on it. The squirrel will immediately fall to the ground as a result.

Build Your Own Deterrent

Using a horizontal wire to suspend the feeder and baffles to prevent squirrels from scurrying from the wire to the feeder, you can construct a homemade baffle system.

  • Connect the wire’s ends to any nearby, practical structure, such as a post or tree.
  • Use 1-liter bottles of plastic soda (make sure they are clean)
  • Each bottle’s bottom should be punctured.
  • Simply attach a handful of them to the feeder’s wire on either side.
  • Actually, many people use this method to keep squirrels away. It is a DIY recipe for baffles that calls for one-liter plastic bottles. Just drill holes large enough to pass around the post of your bird feeder into the bottom of the plastic bottles. These should be hung longitudinally and fastened with duct tape a few inches below the feeder. The similar technique can be used with hanging feeders by sliding the bottles down the wire and placing them above the feeder.

    Drilling holes in the bottom of plastic drink bottles and stringing them along a 30-foot-long thick galvanized steel wire are two other potential solutions. The distance and length of the bottle contraption should be adjusted based on the height and number of bird feeders in your yard. Squirrels will naturally fall from the slick bottles if the bottle line is hung above them.

    Some individuals find it amusing and utterly delightful to sit and observe squirrels. Others view them as an annoyance that interferes with their other backyard choices. It is highly unusual to not see a squirrel in your yard scavenging for food or chattering from a tree because they are so prevalent. Designers of bird feeders are still putting in a lot of effort to come up with the ideal solution because keeping them at bay remains such a difficult task.

    Einstein Squirrels

    Every bird feeder provides a challenge, but squirrels are up to it. The best option is probably to buy a cheap new model of cage bird feeder, and then build your own baffle system. Simply construct a platform feeder for the squirrels far from your bird feeders if you do not have a strong objection to them. You will have resolved your issue by doing this.

    Due to their territorial nature, squirrels will chase away any newcomers in an effort to safeguard their food source. The birds you will attract at the base of the squirrel feeder as a result of these frantic little rodents’ sloppy feeding will also surprise you., Inc. or one of its affiliates owns the trademarks for Amazon and the Amazon logo.


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