Do Deer Eat Pumpkins?


Do Deer Eat Pumpkins?

If you have several large pumpkins outside, something may have nibbled on one or two of them over the course of the night. You may now be wondering if deer consume pumpkins.

Deer do consume pumpkins, particularly the seeds and insides. Pumpkins are the perfect food for deer because their diet is primarily composed of plants and fruit. Deer will receive energy and nutrients from pumpkins to aid in the formation of their bones and antlers. Both the fruit and pumpkin plants will be devoured by deer.

You might be asking why deer adore pumpkins at this point. Everything you need to know about Deer’s eating pumpkins will be covered in this article. Whether you’re doing it to draw them in or deter them from eating your crops, it doesn’t matter.

Therefore, let’s begin.

Can Deer eat pumpkin?

Pumpkins are easily consumed by deer. Deer have a mouth made specifically for eating plants and fruits like pumpkin.

They’ll typically start with the plant’s greenery, including the leaves, buds, and any young pumpkin fruits.

The deer may find it more difficult to eat the pumpkins after they are completely grown. However, they will continue to chew on the skin until they reach the interior’s mushy, gooey innards and seeds.

Are Pumpkins safe for deer?

Deer may consume raw, fresh pumpkins without any problems. Make sure the old Halloween jack-o-lantern is suitable for consumption before giving it to the deer. Eliminate all candles, wax, and scorched or burned areas.

For the benefit of the local wildlife, cut up old jack-o-lanterns and disperse them in forested areas. It’s preferable to having them clog up your garbage bins or rot on your porch.

Old, decaying pumpkins could be dangerous for deer since they may contain mold that can make them sick. It is preferable to compost your pumpkin rather than feed it to the deer if it is showing indications of mold.

Are Pumpkins Good For Deer?

The smooth and tasty pumpkin guts and leaves are a favorite among deer. Additionally, pumpkins are jam-packed with nutrients that keep deer healthy.

Deer eat pumpkins for the following nutrients:

  • A, B, C, and E vitamins
  • Copper
  • Potassium
  • Phosphorus
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Zinc

The pumpkin fruit is a great source of protein and water for deer because it contains 90% water.

The vitamins and minerals that deer receive from pumpkins help them maintain strong bones and antlers as well as thick, healthy coats throughout the winter.

When Do Deer Eat pumpkins?

Pumpkins can be eaten by deer at any time of year. They can quickly eliminate a developing crop of young fruits and shoots during the summer.

Deer will consume mature pumpkin fruits as well as the leaves during the month of Autumn. Pumpkins are frequently harvested around Halloween, and there is always a plentiful supply available.

Deer gain weight in the summer and fall to prepare for the winter when they have a plentiful supply of pumpkins.

Just keep in mind that providing pumpkins to deer may also draw other ravenous creatures, including:

  • Squirrels
  • Foxes
  • Badgers
  • Raccoons
  • Opossums
  • Bears
  • Rodents

Parts of the Pumpkin Deer Eat

Don’t assume that the deer will only eat the fruit of a pumpkin; there are many other components as well. Let’s examine each component of the pumpkin.

Do Deer Eat Pumpkin Flesh?

Deer enjoy eating pumpkins’ soft, luscious inside flesh. Typically, the flesh is tender and simple for the deer to consume.

One of the components of the pumpkin that has the greatest nutrients is the meat.

Do deer eat Pumpkin Skin?

The rough outer peel of the pumpkin is not as appealing to deer. Nevertheless, they will consume it in order to access the soft center. Deer are not poisonous to pumpkin skin. But for them to chew through, it can be rather bitter, difficult, and fibrous.

Be aware that any pumpkins purchased from a store may have pesticide chemicals on the skin. I advise giving your jack-o-lantern a thorough wash if you intend to give it to a deer after Halloween. Any chemical residue that could damage the deer will be eliminated in this way.

Deer enjoy eating young, unripe fruit that is still green, but they dislike the old skin of pumpkins. The skin is now sufficiently soft for them to appreciate.

Do Deer eat pumpkin seeds?

They prefer the stringy tangle of seeds and guts within the pumpkin. The deer may get all the nutrients they need from the soft, gooey flesh and seeds.

Try to leave the seeds from the old Halloween pumpkin where you scooped them out while giving it to the deer with the cut-up pumpkin fruit.

Do Deer eat pumpkin Leaves?

The leaves disappearing first is a sign that a deer may be consuming your pumpkin crops. Any pumpkin plant will first have its leaves consumed by deer, who then go on to the fruit.

The leaves should be as young as possible. Deer really like nibbling on tender, green buds and shoots before they have a chance to develop.

Do Deer eat pumpkin flowers?

Deer adore the blooms on pumpkins. Deer enjoy them because they are tender and delicious. Deer will completely remove leaves and blooms from a pumpkin patch if they have access to it.

They won’t linger and will happily start munching on the buds and petals of pumpkins.

If you’re attempting to raise a strong crop of pumpkins, this could be an issue.

Do Deer Eat pumpkin vines?

Frequently, the pumpkin plant’s vine is the only component the deer won’t eat. The reason for this is that pumpkin vines are heavy, fibrous, and woolly. Deer generally dislike fuzzy plant components.

They will gladly pick the fruit, flowers, and leaves over the vine. Usually, all that’s left after a deer has finished eating is a barren-looking vine.

You might benefit from the deer’s occasional pruning of your pumpkin vine in order to develop robust and healthy pumpkins. However, if they return every night, your plants won’t stand a chance.

How to prepare a pumpkin for Deer

A entire pumpkin can be left out for a deer to consume. Without the leaves and blooms, it is likely that they will steer clear of it.

To best present the pumpkin to a deer, cut it up into medium or big slices, exposing the interior meat and guts. If at all possible, try to preserve the pumpkin’s guts since this is their preferred component.

Never give a deer any pumpkin scraps with:

  • Paints
  • Glitter
  • Wax
  • Mold
  • scorch or burn marks

Before giving the pumpkin to a deer, if at all feasible, attempt to clean it up as much as you can.

Instead than leaving the pumpkin outside in your yard, I would advise you to carry it into a forest. By providing food to deer in your yard, you may draw in other animals, which may need you to clean up after them or repair any damage to your property.

How to stop Deer eating your pumpkin plants

Deterring deer from your yard in the first place is the greatest approach to prevent them from eating your pumpkin plants.

An abundant food supply, like a pumpkin patch, will inevitably draw hungry creatures to your yard. However, you can combine deterrents to maximize their effectiveness.

A physical barrier between the deer and your pumpkin patch is probably necessary if there is a herd of persistent deer in your region.

Use a fishing line (like this one) knotted horizontally between wooden stakes as a cheap barrier. The deer won’t be able to see the wire and will be startled when it touches their legs, neck, or head.

Final Thoughts

Pumpkins are a favorite food of deer and can make up a very healthy portion of their diet. Deer love soft pumpkin parts like seeds, guts, petals, and leaves, so be aware of this.

After Halloween, you can leave old jack-o-lanterns out for the deer to eat. However, be sure to clean them up and make the food secure for deer to consume.

Avoid luring deer into your yard so they can eat. Instead of luring them to eat in cities, bring the pumpkin to them. Try to employ deterrents to keep deer away from your plants if you have a pumpkin patch that attracts them.

Check out my guide on what deer eat in the wild if you want to learn more.


Do deer eat rotten pumpkins?

Do deer consume pumpkins? Deer do indeed eat pumpkins.

How do I keep deer from eating my pumpkins?

Near the pumpkins, hang mesh sacks filled with human hair (contact your neighborhood barbershop for some freebies). If your pumpkin patch is unfenced, hang them on the fence or drive wooden stakes into the ground around the pumpkins and tie the bags to the posts.

Are pumpkins poisonous to any animals?

Which animals can consume pumpkin? From dogs to livestock, pumpkins are a tasty treat that is healthy for many animals. Before feeding, check to make sure the pumpkins aren’t decaying, painted, or covered with candle wax.

Do any animals eat pumpkins?

But many other wild species, such as porcupines, raccoons, opossums, and deer, also consume pumpkins. Some people raise the valid concern that feeding wildlife may not be a good idea. Many of these species, though, already frequent the bird feeder. So there is probably no danger in feeding a couple of pumpkins.

Can animals eat rotten pumpkins?

Pumpkins are best disposed of by composting, but as long as they aren’t rotting or have chemicals on them, animals can safely eat them. After Halloween, what do you do with your pumpkin?


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