How Many Eggs Do Hummingbirds Lay

1. Predator risk

Hummingbirds are magnificent creatures to observe. They are tough birds that frequently travel thousands of kilometers in search of an ideal breeding location. So when they arrive, how many eggs do hummingbirds lay?

Hummingbird females typically deposit two eggs per clutch. In some animals, a clutch can contain up to three eggs. One to two days will elapse between egg layings. The tiny clutch sizes of hummingbirds lower their vulnerability to predators. Each clutch is taken care of only by female hummingbirds.

Continue reading if you want to learn more about each hummingbird clutch; this guide will walk you through everything you need to know.

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Why do hummingbirds have small clutches

Only two eggs will be laid by hummingbirds in a clutch. Let’s examine some of the causes in more detail.

1. Predator risk

Hummingbirds will start building their nests as soon as they locate a suitable location. They make tiny nests on purpose that are frequently difficult to find. Even a hummingbird nest could be mistaken for a tree knot.

Only 1-2 eggs can fit in each nest due to the hummingbirds’ preference for modest nest sizes. The hummingbird’s ability to keep its nest concealed aids in keeping it safe from predators.

2. Food availability

The hummingbird mode of life benefits greatly from smaller clutch sizes. A hummingbird can eat up to half its daily body weight in food. They require a lot of energy to continue.

The tiny chicks are completely the mother’s responsibility to feed as hatchlings and fledglings. Hummingbird males don’t frequently build nests because predators may be drawn to their vivid colors.

It becomes tougher for the mother bird to provide enough food the more mouths she must feed. Larger clutch sizes increase the likelihood that the mother and chicks may go hungry and die.

3. Weight

Hummingbird females will transport eggs around as they lay them, usually a few days apart. A female hummingbird weighs about 3-4.5g, despite the fact that hummingbird eggs only weigh between 0.4 and 1.4g. This implies that an egg can weigh up to a third of an organism’s total weight.

The gestation period for hummingbirds is 16 to 18 days. They are carrying a lot of weight if there are two or three eggs inside.

The amount of energy a female uses depends on how much weight she is carrying. To survive, this energy must be replaced by acquiring more food.

4. Clutch Success

Like all wild animals, hummingbirds frequently lose at least one of their young. Actually, just 50 percent of deposited eggs will survive. There is a probability that one of the two eggs laid by the female will hatch.

Predators and illness are frequent causes of hummingbird chick mortality at such a young age.

How Many Eggs Do Hummingbird Lay Per Year

Why Do Hummingbirds have small clutches

Up to three clutches of hummingbird birds can be born each year. The amount will vary depending on the hummingbird species. For information on how many clutches each species has year, see the table below.

Species of hummingbirdsBroodsWallet Sizebreeding time
Hummingbird with a red throat31-3March through July
Hummingbird of Allen12January – July
Hummingbird of Anna22Nov. – May
Hummingbird with a Broad Tail12May-August
Red-rumped Hummingbird12-3April through July
Hummingbird with a black-chin2-31-3April through July
Red-breasted Hummingbird22May through June
Hummingbird with a broad bill2-32-3(Mexico) January-May/(April-August) (USA)
Hummingbird with a blue throat32February-September
Hummingbird with a Buff Belly21-2March-August


What time of year do hummingbirds have their babies?

July through April

How long does a hummingbird egg take to hatch?

2/3 weeks


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