Safflower Seeds For Birds – Complete Bird Feeder Guide


Safflower Seeds For Birds – Complete Bird Feeder Guide

Are you interested in learning more about safflower seeds for backyard birds?

If so, you’ve come to the correct place.

You’ll be able to draw in a wider variety of birds if you learn more about providing safflower seeds. Additionally, by including safflower in your feeders, you’ll be better equipped to handle any issues that may arise.

Before you fill your bird feeders, this article will help you find the answers to all of your questions regarding safflower.

Following that, you can decide if safflower is a wise choice for your bird feeders.

Shall we begin, please?

What is safflower seed?

What is safflower seed?

I won’t boring you with a botany lesson on the history of safflower seeds, I promise.

Let’s start with the fundamentals.

Safflower seeds are harvested from the safflower plant (Carthamus Tinctorius).

Safflower plants always make me think of the muppet Animal. shaggy and circular in color.

Asia is where these plants originated. However, it is cultivated wherever where it is hot and dry.

California is the primary producer of safflower in the USA. But safflower is also widely grown in North Dakota and Montana.

The actual seeds are teardrop-shaped, tiny, and white.

A hull, shell, or thick outer coat is present on safflower seeds. This will be broken off by your backyard birds before they reach the flesh inside, which is the portion they consume.

Do Birds like Safflower seed?

Safflower isn’t really a favorite birdseed if I’m being really honest with you.

But hold on, that doesn’t guarantee they’ll consume it.

Safflower seeds are unfamiliar to many birds, thus it might take some time for your birds to get used to them.

A variety of birds enjoy safflower seeds once they have mastered the skill of eating the seed.

Not only that, though.

The good thing is that safflower seeds are a great source of nutrition for the birds in your backyard. These tiny seeds are rich in fiber, protein, and lipids, which will keep the birds in your backyard happy and healthy.

Birds That Eat Safflower Seeds

You’ll start to notice that Safflower seed gradually draws a wide range of birds once you start putting it out at your bird feeders.

This comprises:

  • Cardinals
  • Tits
  • Nuthatches
  • Woodpeckers
  • Jays, Blue
  • Chickadees
  • Titmice

This is only a small sample of the birds that safflower seed in your feeders may draw.

Really, everything hinges on how eager they are to begin consuming the safflower. Additionally, the safflower may be overlooked if you are providing them a seed they prefer.

Safflower seems to be a good fit for the birds who enjoy sunflower seeds.

Will Goldfinches eat safflower seeds?

Safflower seeds are okay for goldfinches to eat, but it’s pretty hit or miss.

Because they tend to be somewhat sluggish feeders, goldfinch prefer easy-to-eat seeds like pre-hulled seed.

I advise using safflower seed with softer hulls to attract goldfinch more successfully.

Safflower also has a slightly bitter taste, which goldfinches might not prefer.

Goldfinches won’t be drawn to your feeders by safflower. However, some finch species, like the house finch, appear to enjoy safflower seeds.

What birds will not eat Safflower seeds?

The birds that it doesn’t draw are the main advantage of using safflower seed in your feeder.

If you’ve been feeding birds in your yard, you probably already know that some species harass the smaller birds.

Starlings, grackles, blackbirds, and house sparrows are the primary offenders.

the wonderful news

Safflower seeds don’t appeal to any of these birds.

This implies that if you put out safflower seeds, these birds will stay away from your feeders.

Imagine how enjoyable it would be to watch your feeder as your songbirds peacefully eat.

Do squirrels eat safflower seeds?

Now that I have your attention, please sit down for this.

Safflower seeds are not appealing to squirrels.

You did read that correctly.

Finally! You can put food in your feeders that won’t be quickly raided by squirrels.

You can check the reviews of folks that put safflower in their bird feeder if you don’t trust me. Once it’s presented, you’ll see that squirrels are no longer present.

Boom. The squirrel issue is resolved.

Despite providing safflower, do you still see squirrels feeding from your feeders? Think into whether there may be a different food that they are seeking mixed in.

To Save For Later

Safflower vs Sunflower seeds for birds

You’ll end up weighing these two seeds in a comparison of the available seed varieties.

In terms of nutrition for birds, safflower and black oil sunflower seeds are extremely comparable.

The distinction is that birds typically find sunflower seed shells much easier to crack.

Both seeds’ shells will be left behind by birds, but sunflower seeds create far more of a mess in your yard.

What are the best safflower seed Brands?

The majority of the well-known brands of bird seed will have a selection of safflower seeds on hand.

This comprises:

  • Kaytee
  • Lyric
  • Higgins
  • Coles

This Wagners safflower seed looks to be the most popular brand on Amazon.

Most retailers provide standard white safflower seeds. But you might have noticed that certain brands have a selection of golden safflower seeds.

Is Golden Safflower Seed better for birds?

Using golden safflower seed was one of the finest solutions I found to avoid producing a lot of safflower seed waste.

What’s the distinction?

In contrast to the standard kind, golden safflower seed is developed to have a softer hull.

That implies it is simpler for more bird species to access while remaining challenging enough to prevent the aggressive birds from consuming it.

White safflower seed lacks the nutritional density of golden safflower seed.

3 problems with Safflower Seeds

Okay, so safflower seeds are excellent in scaring off aggressive birds.

But you’ll see that putting safflower out at your bird feeders has a few drawbacks.

This comprises:

1. Birds acting agitated

2. Birds flying into the hull

3. Costly in comparison to other seeds

Let’s examine solutions to these problems.

How to Feed Safflower Seeds

Do Birds like Safflower seed?

You can provide safflower seed in your feeders in one of two ways:

1. In a mix

I advise blending safflower seed with other birdfeed when you initially provide it at our feeders.

Your birds will probably enjoy the safflower more if you do it this way.

They will finish all the seed they are familiar with and enjoy before moving on to the safflower.

Your birds will become better accustomed to receiving more safflower as you provide it to them.

Safflower seed readymade blends are readily available. This is an excellent blend if you want to attract cardinals.

Alternately, you may create your own blend and add extra safflower to it since more birds eat it.

Black oil sunflower seeds, shelled peanuts, and safflower seeds are my go-to bird mix ingredients.

2. On its own

Safflower seed offered alone has the drawback that birds ignore it.

Keep in mind that it is ideal to gradually increase a bird’s affinity for the seeds by blending them in.

Safflower seed can only be offered successfully on its own if this first phase has been completed.

If you are having issues with pests like starlings, blackbirds, or squirrels, you might also wish to limit your seed offerings to safflowers.

Consider utilizing golden safflower seed before using safflower seed by itself. You’ll discover that a wider range of little birds are drawn to the softer shells.

Best bird feeder for safflower seeds

Birds who like the task of opening a seed shell are attracted to safflower seeds.

These particular birds prefer to feed from trays and hopper-style feeders.

Personally, I think a feeder in the hopper form is best, like this one.


Well, these often have a particular style of roof that prevents the shell mess from spreading to the ground.

These feeders prevent the typical bully bird problems because the birds won’t go near the safflower seed.

Don’t worry if you don’t want to purchase a new feeder.

Safflower seeds can be placed in any feeder made for sunflower seeds.

Just keep in mind that you might not draw as many different kinds of birds this way.

Where to Buy Safflower Seeds

When weighed against other bird seeds, safflower seed is more expensive per pound.

You will also have trouble finding a bag of pure safflower seed in your neighborhood food shop because it is not a common type of birdseed.

Utilizing a neighborhood pet store is your ideal option as it might help you save money.

You can simply find safflower seed online if shopping at a nearby store isn’t convenient for you.

The major brands of bird seed are available on Amazon.

You should occasionally explore online bird specialist merchants as well because they occasionally have fantastic deals.

Final thoughts

You should start providing safflower seed in your bird feeders.

Yes, it does cost a little bit extra, and learning to like birds may take some time.

However, the rewards are worthwhile.

Enjoy watching your songbirds dine without worrying about attacks from starlings, house sparrows, grackles, or blackbirds.

Don’t forget to stop those bothersome squirrels as well.

Please share your opinions on using safflower seed in bird feeders in the comments section below.


Will mourning doves eat safflower seeds?

Safflower seed can be provided in a hopper or platform feeder for house finches, grosbeaks, and Northern cardinals to eat. Or scatter some for mourning doves to locate as well.

What birds do not eat safflower seeds?

Starlings, grackles, and squirrels do not consume safflower! Your favorite songbirds can easily consume a certain type of food, but obnoxious blackbirds and bothersome squirrels shouldn’t touch it. If you have a feeder that squirrels keep hopping on, safflower seed is a great snack to place in it.

What bird seed Do mourning doves not like?

Try presenting them with items they don’t generally eat, like as nuts in their shell, suet, mealworms, BirdBerry Jelly, fruit, and nectar. Offering items like Cylinders and StackablesTM, which doves and pigeons find challenging to consume, is another option.

What are safflower seeds good for?

A plant produces safflower. Medicine is made from the flower and seed oil. High cholesterol is treated with safflower seed oil. elevated cholesterol Heart disease is associated with an increased likelihood of having high cholesterol. This can include peripheral vascular disease, coronary heart disease, and stroke. Diabetes and high blood pressure have also been linked to high cholesterol. diseases-linked-high-cholesterol at Heart disease, stroke, diabetes, the prevention of scarring, and many more ailments, but there isn’t enough solid scientific data to back these uses up.

What birds won’t eat safflower seeds?

Starlings, grackles, and squirrels do not consume safflower! Your favorite songbirds can easily consume a certain type of food, but obnoxious blackbirds and bothersome squirrels shouldn’t touch it. If you have a feeder that squirrels keep hopping on, safflower seed is a great snack to place in it.


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