Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder Baffel Tips


Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder Baffel Tips

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Squirrels are fascinating tiny mammals that exhibit bravery, trust, and intelligent activities. Did you know that squirrels are one of the few wild animal species that will eat directly from a person’s fingers because they are so trusting? To trick bystanders, they will stage elaborate fake food burying performances. They often stage phony funerals in an effort to deceive would-be robbers and persuade other squirrels that they have hidden their food supply elsewhere.

Why is this knowledge crucial for those trying desperately to deter the robbers from stealing from their birdfeeders? Understanding squirrel behavior can help you to quickly recognize how seriously they take their food sources and how intensely they are problem solvers. So, the best way to keep squirrels away from bird feeders is to use baffles that are squirrel proof. Here are some advice on solving puzzles and other ideas to triumph over squirrel dominance.

The Power of Duct Tape

By putting a section of aluminum duct under the feeder, one bird enthusiast has gained the upper hand over squirrels. The squirrels will climb the pole and go inside the duct tape, but they will not go any farther. The world is still in awe of the applications for duct tape.

A Slinky, a Slinky

Another bird enthusiast thought a slinky was the best way to deal with squirrels. He stops worrying about the unexpected visitors at his bird feeder by fastening one end of the plastic slinky to the top of the pole and letting the other end hand down through the middle of the slinky. The squirrels will try to climb the pole, but they will fall off right away and land on the ground. Watch out for these cunning little critters getting tangled in the Slinky loops.

The Plastic Bottle Baffle

Actually, many people use this method to keep squirrels away. It is a DIY recipe for baffles that calls for one-liter plastic bottles. Just drill holes large enough to pass around the post of your bird feeder into the bottom of the plastic bottles. These should be hung longitudinally and fastened with duct tape a few inches below the feeder. The similar technique can be used with hanging feeders by sliding the bottles down the wire and placing them above the feeder.

Plastic Bottle Baffle Two

Plastic Coke bottles appear to be a workable answer once more. Drill holes in the bottom of plastic drink bottles, then string the bottles on a 30-foot-long heavy galvanized steel wire. The distance and length of the bottle contraption should be adjusted based on the height and number of bird feeders in your yard. Squirrels will naturally fall from the slick bottles if the bottle line is hung above them.

Pipe Dreams

One disgruntled handyman made the brave decision to utilize plumbing pipe to deceive squirrels into not eating at his bird’s restaurant. He just hung his gorgeous bird feeder on the plumbing pipe and used it as a post. He continued after that. In order to mimic a white birch tree, he painted his posts black and white. The squirrels easily slid down the pole after climbing or jumping.

Chicken Wire and Tomatoes

What about a gigantic, tall enough to stand in chicken-wire structure where you could grow tomatoes and feed birds? This is for those imaginative, earthy people who enjoy getting a deal. On chicken wire, squirrels can crawl, but they cannot fit through. The tomatoes are merely a perk. If this is too much, think about buying a caged bird feeder, which keeps larger predatory birds and even squirrels away while still allowing smaller birds to eat.

The Power of Safflower

Let it be known that squirrels will immediately avoid safflower seeds. They are not drawn to this seed for some reason, despite their ravenous appetite. Thoughtful little finches, chickadees, mourning doves, cardinals, and nuthatches will come to you.

If You Can’t Beat Them, Feed Them

Many people are unaware that by providing a squirrel with its own small feeding area, they are discouraging other squirrels from entering their small bird habitat. Squirrels are territorial, therefore if any other squirrels try to enter the area, they will chase them away. The scene can be created with a good platform feeder that is placed a distance from the bird feeder and is loaded with raw peanuts and sunflower seeds. The food that spills from the squirrel feeder has the extra benefit of luring some birds to the ground-level feeding station. Think about integrating squirrels into your environment and letting them act as a deterrent to other squirrels. In this manner, you have outplayed them. A win-win situation exists.

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