What Do Blobfish Eat?


What Do Blobfish Eat?

The blobfish is not the most alluring animal on the planet. Because of their bloated, chubby appearance, many people think that this fish is the ugliest on the planet. The reason why this fish species stands out so much is that it was built to dwell 600–1,200 meters below the surface of the ocean, where the pressure is much higher than it is in shallow waters.

The blobfish (psychrometers marcidus) is at its happiest and can function extremely well at this considerable depth, especially since there aren’t many predators to be concerned about in these gloomy depths. The fish can just drift about here for hours on end.

What Do Blobfish Eat?

What Do Blobfish Eat?

Blobfish typically float close to the ocean floor so that they can readily find food without expending a lot of energy. They must suck accessible food into their lips because they are unable to hunt. Almost anything edible will be consumed by this fish. Here is a brief overview of the most popular things that blobfish enjoy eating:

Carrion meat

Given that blobfish are unable to seek for food, this is one of their most popular diets. The blobfish merely waits quietly at the ocean’s bottom for other types of dead fish to sunk far into the water. Then, they will snatch up and eat whatever floating chunks of meat they come across on the ocean floor.

Almost any kind of carrion meat, even decaying meat, is edible to blobfish. They consume all types of fish meat.


Small crabs they discover on the ocean floor are another food source for blobfish. They are unable to go crab hunting but can suck in and consume live crabs. They merely wait for a crab to pass by when they are sitting still before suckling it up and devouring it. Blobfish will also consume crab meat from carcasses.

Sea urchins

Spiny globular creatures called sea urchins reside on the ocean floor. On the seabed, there are 950 different species of sea urchins, and their sizes can vary greatly. Blobfish typically concentrate on baby sea urchins. Although there are many different types of urchins, blobfish only consume those that live in the deepest parts of the water. They occupy the.

Sea pens

Blobfish cannot travel very quickly, hence they frequently feed on sea pens. This creature has tentacles that resemble feathers and resemble sea anemones. While some marine pens are fairly modest, others can reach heights of 2 meters. This animal is frequently found in the deepest parts of the ocean since it cannot survive in choppy water. Blobfish are better suited to the calmer seas where they reside.


Blobfish frequently consume shellfish. Shellfish come in a wide variety of species, including mollusks, crustaceans, echinoderms, and many more. Seas and oceans all over the world are home to a variety of shellfish. Blobfish consume all kind of shellfish that they come across in their native habitat.

Diet Variations

A live blobfish has never been studied by anyone. Until additional research has been done on this animal, it is impossible to predict exactly what foods it will consume. We do know that they are unable to forage for food and that they will go hungry if food is not readily available. Since they were able to survive thus long at such high depths of the ocean, where food is somewhat rare, they may have had a very diverse diet.

It’s interesting that no one has ever witnessed this species of fish eating. Since they are so far under the ocean’s surface, it is quite difficult to view them in their native environment. Because blobfish cannot survive in shallow waters, no one has ever recorded a living specimen. The only way we are aware of what this fish species consumes is thanks to autopsies carried out on blobfish that had passed away.

How to Feed Blobfish

How to Feed Blobfish

Due to their lack of bones and sparse muscle tissue, these fish species cannot hunt for food. Only foods that float or are found on the ocean floor can be consumed by them. Prior to swallowing, they take their food by sucking it into their mouths. Therefore, their prey must be already dead or moving very slowly.

What Do Blobfish Eat In The Wild?

Blobfish in the wild only consume food that they can find in their natural habitat. They will consume a wide variety of meaty meals, including carrion flesh and crustaceans that live at the ocean’s bottom. In these tranquil, deep waters, sea pens and sea urchins can also be eaten by them.

Due to its slow speed and poor hunting skills, the blobfish will probably starve to death if there is no food available.

What Do Baby Blobfish Eat?

Blobfish are extremely difficult to study because they are found at such high depths in the ocean, and they were only discovered in 2003. This fish’s exact diet and characteristics are still unknown.

Baby blobfish most likely consume all the same meals as adult blobfish but in considerably lesser quantities based on other fish species. Additionally, they linger and drift on the ocean floor, consuming any food they chance to come across.

Can Humans Eat Blobfish?

Because they don’t have a lot of muscle tissue, most people think blobfish aren’t suitable for human consumption. Eating a blobfish will resemble eating a blob of gelatin in many ways.

Additionally, this type of fish is under grave danger. Blobfish cannot be served as food in establishments. Blobfish are extremely difficult to catch since they live at such deep ocean depths.

A Blobfish Café was established in 2016. Although blobfish aren’t served at this café, the concept was to introduce customers to several blobfish species that are housed in dedicated aquariums.


Do blobfish have teeth?

Blobfish have no teeth. Blobfish are toothless fish. Due to their deep oceanic habitat, it is quite rare that you will ever come into contact with a blobfish, but if you did, you need not fear getting bit.

What eats a blob fish?

Although there are no known predators of these chubby fish, harmful human activities like bottom trawling—in which a weighted fishing net is dragged along the ocean floor—and deep-sea fishing—might pose a threat. Since they are a fish that prefers cold water, the warming oceans may have an impact on them as well.

How did blobfish go extinct?

Overfishing is a threat to this unassuming fish, according to sources. In appearance, the blobfish resembles a gelatinous mass of scowling flesh. The fish has evolved because the pressure beneath where it dwells is about a dozen times greater than the pressure above.

Why can’t you eat a blobfish?

Is it safe to eat blobfish and do people? Chefs do not deem blobfish edible since they lack the same muscles and bones as typical fish that people eat. Blobfish have gelatinous flesh that is difficult to prepare. Blobfish are buoyant at the ocean’s bottom because to their peculiar flesh, which also aids in food digestion.

Do blobfish bite you?

Blobfish are not aggressive, don’t have teeth, and hardly rarely come into contact with people. They hover over the ocean floor, picking up any emerging sea life including microscopic microbes.


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