What Do Cobras Eat?


What Do Cobras Eat?

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In the wild, cobras are poisonous snakes that you should avoid. There are 270 different species of cobras in the genus Naja, including the rinkhals, king cobra, Goldie’s tree cobra, black tree cobra, shield-nosed cobra, cape coral snake, and several others. When threatened, several of these snake subspecies can raise their upper bodies and generate a hood below the head. All of these snake subspecies are relatively long in comparison to other snake species.

What Do Cobras Eat?

What Do Cobras Eat?

Here is a brief list of some of the favorite foods of cobra snakes;


Cobras are completely unafraid of heights and can climb trees. These snakes can easily blend with their surroundings when they are in trees, making it difficult for other animals to identify them. These snakes may quickly strike and capture birds when they land in the treetops. They will consume any natural bird species to their habitats, including owls, kingfishers, minivets, bustards, koels, and a wide variety of others.

Small mammals

Since tiny mammals sometimes provide wholesome, protein-rich meals, these snakes have a specific fondness for them.

Rats, mice, sugar gliders, squirrels, bunnies, and many other types of mammals are all edible to cobras.

Lizards and frogs

Cobras may catch and consume lizards as well. Although cobras lack legs, they are frequently much faster than lizards.

They have an advantage over climbing lizards due to their lightning-quick reflexes and capacity to rear their upper bodies upward. Because cobras can swim so well, frogs are excellent meal for these snakes.


Cobras also enjoy eating eggs. They will consume a variety of eggs, including ones that would appear to be too big for their mouths. Because of their ability to dislocate their jaws, they can swallow huge eggs whole and then crush them inside their tummies.

Other snakes

Cobras are cannibals as well. If things are hard, they may even catch and eat members of their own species. Snakes will eat snakes.

Many snake species, including ordinary kraits, pythons, vipers, and others, cannot match their ability to raise their chests off the ground.


Cobras may survive for a very long time without water. However, they still need water to survive. Since they are unable to slurp the water up with their tongues, they use different drinking techniques. Their lower jaws include skin folds that they can employ to suck up water. They can swim in the water with no problems.

Diet Variations

If cobras are sufficiently hungry or thirsty, they can eat a variety of foods. They will drink anything, including milk, if they are dehydrated. If trained to do so while in captivity, they might also start eating carrion. Some captive-bred snakes have even been known to starve to death rather than consume live prey.

What Does The King Cobra Eat?

What Does The King Cobra Eat?

Additionally, they eat various lizard species that might reside nearby. The king cobra will consume birds if there are no other suitable food sources.

How to Feed Cobras?

Depending on how they were raised, cobras have different dietary habits. Cobras that have been trained to eat carrion foods may reject live bait.

Those who have only ever eaten live bait may initially find it difficult to accept carrion meals.

Cobras have a high level of venom. When feeding these venomous snakes, extreme caution must be exercised. In order to feed pet cobras, their cages are typically filled with live or carrion items. Those who are accustomed to eating carrion may happily accept these items from the tank bowl, but others may require some encouragement by being prodded or being shown their food by the cobra.

How Often Do Cobras Eat?

Cobras’ metabolic rate is extremely slow. They don’t eat frequently, and the time between meals is determined by the amount of their previous meal. Its feeding pattern may also be impacted by the temperature. Snakes will eat more frequently in warmer climates because the warmth promotes a quicker metabolic rate. Some species of snake, like the Hamadryad, are typically fed once a week. If they had a substantial meal, other snakes, like the king cobra, can survive without food for months.

What do Baby Cobras Eat?

Cobra hatchlings are the young of a cobra. They are poisonous and self-sufficient as soon as they hatch. Since they can easily become prey to other snakes, these little snakes are likewise on high alert right from the beginning. While young cobras consume the same things as adult snakes, they typically prefer smaller fare like frogs, eggs, or baby birds.

Can A Cobra Eat A Human?

Other snakes are a cobra’s preferred feeding source. All other food sources, including mammals, are inferior to snakes in their eyes. Humans are inedible to cobras. These snakes are much too big to eat humans. But people are exceedingly harmful to these snakes.

Humans can pass away from their deadly bites in as little as 15 minutes. A full-grown elephant can be killed by a king cobra’s venom in a matter of hours.

Do Cobras Eat Cats?

Cats are just too huge for cobras to eat, despite the fact that they may easily kill cats with their deadly bites. On the other hand, kittens are an entirely different matter. A cobra can easily swallow a little cat. If these snakes are very ravenous, they might try to capture and consume a young kitten if they do manage to come across one.

Cobras have a lethal toxin. You shouldn’t keep one as a pet unless you have extensive experience handling snakes. If you do decide to keep a cobra, you should treat it with care and provide it with enough food to stay healthy.

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