What Do Gorillas Eat?


What Do Gorillas Eat?

The largest and most powerful primates on earth are gorillas. These enormous apes can weigh up to 200 kg and grow as tall as 170 cm. Gorillas can live for more than 40 years in the wild. Although gorillas are primates, they primarily live on the ground and are separated into two species: the eastern and western gorilla.

Members of the Hominidae family, gorillas like to live in tropical settings and woods where they can find an abundance of food and shelter.

Because these animals are so endangered, it is crucial to take appropriate care of gorillas kept in captivity or for conservation, and it is even more crucial to protect their natural food supplies.

What Do Gorillas Eat?

What Do Gorillas Eat?


The majority of the time gorillas spend grazing. They primarily eat vegetation. These creatures can consume several plant species. Over 142 plant species are eaten by them. They eat 86% of plant stems, shoots, and leaves, 2% of fruits, 3% of flowers, and 7% of the roots. It’s also thought that gorillas like to consume the soil around plant roots to support their digestive systems or to give them the minerals they require.

Bamboo plants are a favorite food of most gorilla species. The mountain gorilla particularly like this plant kind and spends the most of its time in regions with abundant bamboo.


Fruit is a favorite food of gorillas, but it can be challenging to obtain. The gorilla species that consumes the most fruit is the western lowland gorilla. Bananas, apples, berries, grapes, oranges, and especially the wild berries they discover in trees are all favorites of gorillas’.


Gorillas frequently eat insects along with plant material. Insects are a particular favorite food of eastern lowland gorillas. They enjoy eating ants and termites, and they may even destroy termite nests to get to the larvae.


Sometimes, gorillas consume meat. If their food is lacking in protein, they can catch small creatures like mice, rats, or birds and consume them. It has been said that the silverback gorilla consumes meat and may even hunt and consume other primates.

Mountain Dew

Strangely, these enormous animals rarely consume any water. Mountain dew and plant moisture provide them with all the moisture they require. Gorillas must eat throughout the day in order to stay hydrated.

Diet Variations

These animals mostly only consume plant-based foods, but they will occasionally consume meat. One of the most significant dietary changes that these animals may have is feeding on other species.

How to Feed Gorillas

How to Feed Gorillas

What Do Gorillas Eat In the Wild?

Gorillas primarily consume plant stuff in the wild. They eat more than 142 different plant species, and on rare occasions, they may even eat termites and termite larvae. Rarely, gorillas have also been seen consuming other primates or smaller creatures like mice. But this is a really unusual sight.

What Do Gorillas Eat in Captivity?

Gorillas kept in captivity are given daily access to a large number of fresh, green vegetation. They rely on new vegetation because, in general, they do not drink water from streams but instead obtain all the moisture they require from the food they eat. Gorillas kept in captivity often consume the leaves, shoots, stems, bark, and roots of plants, however they are frequently given fruits as well.

What do Baby Gorillas Eat?

Infant gorillas are young gorillas. Mammals like gorillas depend on their moms to ensure their survival. For up to 7.2 years, young gorillas and infants would drink from their moms. Between the ages of 3.5 to 7.2, they are typically weaned.

Infants typically begin to consume certain plants at 2.5 months of age. Infants eat largely vegetables by the time they are 6–7 months old.

How Much Do Gorillas Eat?

Gorillas must eat continuously throughout the day in order to maintain their bodies’ necessary levels of moisture and nutrition. A typical adult gorilla consumes 30 kg of fresh plant material per day.

How Often Do Gorillas Eat?

These animals require constant grazing. They often begin grazing in the morning at six o’clock. Gorillas typically take a lengthy snooze in the middle of the day to aid in digestion. They will resume feeding until sunset after their snooze.

Do Gorillas Eat Meat?

Most of these animals are vegetarian. However, the silverback gorilla is omnivorous and will consume meat if they can capture and eat small animals. However, it’s rare to see a gorilla consume meat. The first documented instance of gorillas consuming monkeys didn’t occur until 2010.

Do Gorillas Eat Bananas?

The apes do consume bananas. However, they typically don’t limit their diet to the plant’s fruits. They can split banana trees in half so they can eat the soft, moist pit of the trees since they have extraordinarily strong hands and arms.

Do Gorillas Attack Humans?

Human attacks by gorillas are unusual. Although it has happened, gorilla attacks on humans rarely result in fatalities. Gorillas typically only attacked people when they felt threatened. However, wild gorillas can be ferocious and dangerous. If you come into a troop of gorillas in the wild, it is advisable to stay away from them.

Do Gorillas Eat Humans?

The silverback gorilla may consume meat and is known to consume monkeys. However, eating meat is a very rare occurrence. Additionally, gorillas are not renowned for frequently attacking people, much less for feeding on their dead bodies.


How many gorillas are left?

Since there are currently fewer than 101,500 gorillas left in the world, it is difficult to answer this question. There are currently less than 300 cross-river gorillas roaming the planet, 100,000 western lowland gorillas, 5000 eastern lowlands, 1000 mountain gorillas.

Where do most gorillas live?

Middle Africa

What are 3 facts about gorillas?

Gorillas come in two varieties: eastern and western. They are highly gregarious creatures who live in groups.- Gorillas are as tall as the average person and can weigh over 200 kg! … – Adult male gorillas are referred to as “silverbacks”… – Gorillas are extremely intelligent and have been seen creating and utilizing tools!

Is gorilla becoming extinct?

There are just approximately 800 of these left in the world, and there are about 100.000 western gorillas, but their numbers are declining quickly. The leopard is the only animal that can naturally prey on gorillas.

How many silverback gorillas are left in the world 2022?

There are just about 1000 of these majestic animals left in existence, with Bwindi Impenetrable Forest home to about 1/3 of them.


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