What Do Mongoose Eat?


The smallest terrestrial carnivores on earth are called mongooses. These creatures are members of the herpestidae family, which has two primary subfamilies: the herpestidae, which has 23 species, and the mungotinae, which has 11 species.

Although the size and general appearance of the many mongoose species might vary considerably, they all have a similar basic diet.

What Do Mongooses Eat?

What Do Mongooses Eat?

Here is a brief overview of some of the items that these animals enjoy eating.

Small Animals

Depending on their species, mongooses can catch different kinds of animals. Additionally, they move in packs, which enables them to capture bigger prey. They do seem to concentrate on smaller-sized creatures. These creatures can be rats, mice, rabbits, hares, kittens, or other creatures. Even domestic cats may be preyed upon by larger mongoose species as the gray mongoose, water mongoose, or huge spotted genets.

Birds And Eggs

Some varieties of mongoose are excellent climbers. Although they like to stay on the ground, they will sometimes climb trees to get to their meal. The egg-loving mongoose will frequently scale enormous heights to get to eggs or hatchlings in nests. All kinds of bird and poultry species are also stalked and captured by them. Mongooses kept in captivity are frequently fed on chicken or young chicks. They will consume any kind of bird they may catch in the wild and use it as food.


These animals are more than capable of catching reptiles because to their lightning-fast reactions. They can catch and devour snakes in addition to lizards, chameleons, and other types of reptiles. Mongooses like eating a variety of venomous snakes, including cobras, and their bodies can withstand modest doses of venom.


These creatures adore eating crabs as well as all different kinds of insects. They will eat a variety of insects, including centipedes, beetles, crickets, scorpions, moths, spiders, and earthworms. In difficult conditions, they will consume almost any bug, but if they can, they will tend to avoid millipedes and other insects that exude strong odors.

Fruits, Nuts, And Seeds

Some mongoose species will add plants to their diets. Although they like meat, they do occasionally eat berry fruits. They like eating a wide range of berry fruits, including strawberries, wild berries, blackberries, blues, cherries, cranberries, grapes, and others.

They occasionally eat nuts and seeds as well. Oily seed varieties like almonds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, brazil nuts, cashews, chestnuts, and hickory nuts are preferred by these animals.


Mongooses are not averse to eating carrion. They are known to steal a carcass from other predatory animals like foxes or jackals since they are highly fierce. They are quite easy to feed in captivity since they will consume just about any carrion flesh they can find.


Mongooses can withstand droughts pretty well. They can go without water for a long time. However, they do need access to clean, fresh water to stay hydrated. Even these hardy creatures can become very ill in a matter of days without water.

Diet Variations

Mongooses do typically have a wide range of eating options, especially domesticated ones. Although they like meat, they will occasionally consume fruits, seeds, and nuts. In addition to having a sweet appetite, domesticated mongooses may also seek little sweet meals like fried sweet potatoes or chocolate candies. However, as they are not a natural part of a mongoose’s diet, these foods are not nutritious for them.

How to Feed Mongoose?

How to Feed Mongoose?

It is advisable to leave the food out on a plate or toss it toward the wild mongoose if you wish to feed them.

Mongoose that have been domesticated are frequently fed in cages at predetermined times.

What Do Mongoose Eat In the Wild?

Mongooses in the wild enjoy moving about in groups. They enjoy going on hunts together, especially when they are after dangerous prey like poisonous snakes. They will consume any insects and tiny animals they can locate in the wild. They regularly go to rocky regions in quest of food and enjoy digging around for various insects. They will band together as a mob if they come upon large prey or are attempting to steal a carcass from another predator.

What do Baby Mongoose Eat?

Pups, the name given to baby mongooses, are often born in litters of two to four. Since they are mammals, mongooses require milk to survive. Mongoose pups begin foraging for food at one month of age. They will then begin to consume the same foods as adult mongooses, and their parents or pack will continue to rear them in close proximity.

When they are 6 weeks old, they begin to emerge from their burrow, and by the time they are 10 weeks old, they are completely weaned.

How Much Do Mongoose Eat?

Because they are opportunistic feeders, these creatures will consume food anytime it is offered to them. They don’t consume a lot of food at one sitting because they are quite little, but if given the chance, they will eat frequently throughout the day.

Depending on their age and species, they eat different amounts of food. They will seek for food every day and prefer to eat every day, but they can go for a long time without food.

Do Mongooses Eat Cats?

Only larger species of mongoose will hunt and consume cats, while the majority of species will eat kittens. However, this is not the primary food source for the species of mongoose.


Why mongoose kills snake?

Small mammals, birds, reptiles, eggs, and even fruit are all consumed by mongooses. Many mongooses may fight and kill venomous snakes for food, notably those of the genus Herpestes.

Why are mongoose not afraid of snakes?

Mongooses are incredibly nimble and have thick coats that protect them from short-fanged snakes. But their extreme resistance to snake poison is the key factor. snake poison Zootoxins found in snake venom, which is a very toxic saliva, help to immobilize and consume prey. Additionally, this offers threat defense. When a snake bites, its distinctive fangs inject venom; nevertheless, some species can also spit venom. Snake venom can be found in Wikipedia. Wikipedia’s entry on snake venom A poison that closely resembles the structure of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine is one of the main components of the venom.

Are mongoose friendly to humans?

Mongooses are not violent toward people, despite their fascinating reputation for attacking poisonous snakes. However, occasionally they might bite, like in this instance.

Why is mongoose not affected by snake?

Researchers led by molecular scientist Sara Fuchs discovered that the acetylcholine receptor in mongooses, like that in snakes, has a small mutation that causes the venom to harmlessly bounce off the muscle cells.

Is mongoose a poisonous animal?

Although they are not dangerous or venomous, mongooses can combat venomous snakes and can endure some snake venom.snake poisonZootoxins found in snake venom, which is a very toxic saliva, help to immobilize and consume prey. Additionally, this offers threat defense. When a snake bites, its distinctive fangs inject venom; nevertheless, some species can also spit venom. Snake venom can be found in Wikipedia. Wikipedia’s entry on snake venom


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