What Do Reindeer Eat?


An intriguing animal in the context of Christmas is the reindeer. They play a significant role in many holiday customs and serve as Santa’s primary mode of transportation. What do reindeer consume is one query that is frequently posed by individuals. There are a lot of various hypotheses regarding what these supernatural beings would like to eat while they’re not working. Many people believe they only consume milk and cookies, however this is untrue! We’ll go over some fascinating information regarding the dietary habits of reindeer and how you can contribute to their feeding this winter.

Reindeer only consume plants because they are herbivores. Actually, the food that reindeer like eating is pretty similar to the stuff that you or I might appreciate in our Thanksgiving stuffing. When the seasons change, reindeer eat grass, berries, leaves, and other flora. They may have trouble finding food in the winter, thus they frequently consume lichen. And what is that? Algae and fungi work together to generate lichens, which means that the nutrients from either species assist the other one survive.

What Do Reindeer Eat?

What Do Reindeer Eat?
  • Leaves
  • Moss
  • Herbs
  • Grasses
  • Branches of Trees

Isn’t it well known that you give reindeer carrots or apples? Yes, those are fantastic treats for reindeer, but just like with humans, they shouldn’t eat too much of them. Give the reindeer a full load of nutrients in the form they would normally consume if you want to help them with their most important task for Santa.

Reindeer like a variety of grasses, plants, herbs, ferns, leaves, mosses, and mushrooms in the summer.

Arctic wildlife has evolved in many different ways to survive in this hostile environment. During the winter, when foliage is scarce, ruminant animals that consume vegetation may have trouble finding food. To avert starving, their digestive systems have changed to let them to use the nutrients found in lichens. They eat reindeer lichen as food.

What Does Santa Feed his Reindeer?

The reason the reindeer stay with Santa is because they can have tastier, more recent greens to eat in the winter when there is also hay available. You can give them Swiss chard, Beet greens, Kale, Collard Greens, Romaine Lettuce, Turnip Greens, and Spinach. Absolutely, reindeer love salads!

Giving reindeer complete, natural food on Christmas Eve will provide them lots of energy and stamina and help maintain Rudolph’s nose brilliant red.

If provided with enough greenery or hay during their off-duty hours, reindeer can be seen munching throughout the year. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that reindeer don’t always do a very good job of finding their food. This means that you and I can help them out by giving them some of our extra fruits or vegetables! The food will be enjoyed by them just as much as we do throughout the holidays.

Can you Feed a Reindeer?

Yes, this video shows what to feed the reindeer at the petting zoo and how to feed them.

Normal deer feeders function.

Is a Reindeer the Same as a Caribou?

Caribou and reindeer both belong to the genus Cervidae, which is separate from elk. In Europe and Canada, they are referred to as reindeer. In North America, wild caribou are referred to as reindeer, whereas tamed reindeer are called caribou.

Throughout the day, reindeer move, feed, and rest in groups of ten to a few hundred. They might band together with tens of thousands of other animals to form enormous herds in the spring. They typically migrate up to 1,000 miles south when food is in short supply during the winter.

Only the reindeer species of deer have been entirely domesticated. They are raised for their milk, meat, and hides as well as for use as pack animals.


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