What do Zebras eat?


What do Zebras eat?

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The zebra is arguably the most easily recognized animal there is. These equine-like creatures are well-known and adored for having striking black and white striped coats. You probably weren’t aware, though, that each zebra’s hide has an own pattern and set of stripes.

The plains zebra, the mountain zebra, and the grevy’s zebra are the three primary species of zebra.

Despite having slightly distinct appearances, all three of these zebra species are herbivores and like the same kinds of foods.

What do Zebras eat?

What do Zebras eat?

Short green grass

A zebra’s diet is primarily comprised of grass. They graze for 60 to 80 percent of the day. Because their front teeth are specifically made to cut off the blades of grass and the back teeth are made to crush grass, they like short, green grass.

Any grass variety that fits these criteria will be eaten by zebras. They will also eat taller grass if food is a little sparse. Zebras can and will happily consume yellow wintered grass during dry winters.

Leaves and shrubs

Zebras will also eat leaves if there isn’t enough grass to eat. They can eat almost any non-poisonous leaves and plants, and they may decide to try a few leaves even when there is enough of grass to eat. However, because they do like grass, this is rarely done.


Zebras will also consume or chew on twigs while living in tough environments. Normally, these animals like softer or greener twigs, but in dire situations, they will attempt to chew harder and browner twigs in an effort to survive.


Zebras may view leafy green herbs as an obvious food source, and these herbivores will occasionally eat them when conditions are dire. They can eat almost any kind of herb, and they frequently prefer to eat the twigs of herbs in addition to the leaves.

Wildlife pellets

Zebras also enjoy eating wildlife pellets because they frequently contain a lot of grass.

Zebras are frequently given these pellets because they are rich in vitamins and minerals. Zebra’s health may be improved by the additional vitamins and minerals during difficult circumstances.


Zebras can go up to 700 miles in search of food and water and can go without drinking for up to five days. But in order to keep healthy, these animals do need a lot of water. Zebras will drink up to a gallon of water in one sitting if there is a water shortage. They might not drink as much water each sip if they live near water, but they will still drink quite a bit.

Zebra diet variations

Zebras are frequently given delicacies like carrots and apples in zoos. These foods constitute a change from the typical diet because they are not typically found in the wild. As long as these items are not supplied too frequently, zebras’ health won’t be adversely affected by carrots or apples.

Zebras that have been domesticated can eat a variety of foods. Your zebra might choose, like horses, to pester you for human food like bread, and they can munch on things like oats. These foods contain a lot of elements that aren’t excellent for a zebra’s digestive system, therefore they’re not the best to give your zebra.

Cereal or pasture-rich foods may disrupt a person’s digestive system or result in metabolic issues like insulin resistance.

How to feed Zebras

How to feed Zebras

Zebras, though, can be very deadly. They are known to kick one another to death in the wild, and if you approach them too closely, they may bite you pretty violently. Zebras have occasionally even killed lions.

You should exercise the same caution when feeding a domesticated zebra as you would with any horse. Furthermore, you should never attempt to approach a zebra too closely in the wild.

It is best to provide food in a designated feeding area while feeding zebras. Additionally, when watching zebras being fed, it is recommended to avoid getting too close to them.

How much do Zebras eat?

These creatures have a ravenous appetite. Their day is made up of 60–80% of grazing on food. They can subsist on low-quality diets thanks to their ineffective digestive systems. Zebras will eat as much in one day as they are physically able.

What do baby zebras eat?

Colts are the name for zebra calves. Mammals like zebras depend on their mother’s milk to survive. These colts can eat the same basic foods as adult zebras, but in smaller amounts, when they begin to graze at one week old.

As they become bigger, they’ll eat more grass on a regular basis. For the first year of their existence, these adorable animals will remain very close to their mother and will continue to lactate for up to 16 months.

What do wild zebras eat?

Zebras will eat the foods that are available to them in the wild. Since they are migratory creatures, they frequently go to warmer climates in the winter. Zebras eat 10% additional foods like leaves and twigs and 90% of the local, indigenous African grasses that they can locate.

What is a Zebras prey?

Yes, zebras do have a lot of foes. In addition to crocodiles, they are preyed upon by lions, cheetahs, African wild dogs, and spotted hyenas. Additionally, smaller predators like caracals or jackals can prey on young colts.

Do zebras eat elephant grass?

Zebras will consume any kind of grass, particularly during difficult times. Although they favor shorter grass species, they will eat higher grass varieties like elephant grass when conditions are particularly difficult.

Zebras are amazing animals. They require not too much maintenance. Your zebra will be healthy and content with just some good grass and plenty of water.

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Are zebras friendly to humans?

They are far more dangerous and violent. Zebras have been reported to kick one another to death, bite anyone who gets too close, and even kill lions, according to numerous reports.

Are zebras faster than horses?

Horse vs. Zebra: Speed Horses can run as fast as 55 mph, whereas zebras can only reach a maximal speed of 40 mph. Zebras are exceptionally fast because they must escape some of the world’s most dangerous predators, such as lions and cheetahs. Zebras move swiftly and deftly.

Can a zebra beat a horse?

350–450 kg is the approximate weight of a big Grevy’s zebra. Horse weight ranges from 380 to 600 kg. Zebras are built for fighting and kicking, but horses are built for running and sports. Due to a 3000 lb force kick that can paralyze a lion, a zebra is likely to prevail in a combat against an ordinary horse.

Are zebras horses or donkeys?

It seems sense to think that the zebra is actually a horse that acquired stripes to help it survive in the wild. Zebras are not, however, any more horses than donkeys are. Although horses, donkeys, and zebras are all members of the equine species, each has unique traits of its own.

Do zebras love humans?

Zebras are wary of people and stay away from them in the wild. A zebra, however, may act aggressively toward humans in order to defend their area and save their young if they feel endangered.


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