What Is The Best Raccoon Repellent?

What Is The Best Raccoon Repellent?

Are you tired of cleaning up the mess a raccoon raid left behind on your property? You’re probably about to make a pricey pest removal call. The good news is that you may deter raccoons from visiting your property in a number of simple and affordable ways.

The top raccoon deterrents on the market are explained in this guide.

The Broox Ultrasonic Animal Repeller is the best raccoon repellent you can use. When it detects motion, this device emits loud noises and brilliant lights. Raccoons will depart your property right away since they detest abrupt noise and light. Because it is solar-powered, you can put it up once and leave it alone without worrying about a power source.

That’s my first choice. However, the ultrasonic gadget might not be the greatest choice for you, so let’s go over the other options you have. To save you time, I’ll direct you to the top sellers in each category.

What Is The Best Raccoon Repellent?

What Is The Best Raccoon Repellent?

I’ve done a lot of reading on how to keep raccoons away from your property. That means I’ve encountered many products that claim to keep them at bay. Some products are worthless, whereas others are highly efficient. Let’s look at some of the raccoon deterrents I would highly recommend.

Best Ultrasonic Racoon Repellent

You already know that my top choice is the Broox Ultrasonic Repeller. This is due to the fact that raccoons are truly kept out of your yard by it.

Raccoons won’t stay since they detest unexpected commotion and strong light. With this tool, all you have to do is set it up at a location frequented by raccoons and watch the magic happen.

I needed a quick fix when I discovered raccoon droppings in my yard. I initially tried to deter the raccoons by using odors like garlic and mint, but the rain would wash them away and the raccoons would return.

Since I installed this gadget, there have been no raccoon signs on my property for more than 18 months!

Its solar power is my favorite feature. You won’t have to bother about buying new batteries after that. Additionally, it means that you may put it wherever in your yard without the requirement for a nearby power source.

The only drawback I can think of with this product is that you might need to purchase many products if you have a really large yard. This will enable you to cover a vast area since the motion detector’s maximum range is 25 feet.

Best Raccoon Repellent Spray

I heartily advise the Repels All concentration if you want to utilize a spray repellent.

This is applied by spraying in the parts of your yard that raccoons frequent the most. Use it on your garbage cans, where they poop, or where they eat your plants.

This spray contains a natural concoction of fish, sulfate, garlic, and cloves. Raccoons detest the scents mentioned here. This mixture will make the raccoons uncomfortable in your yard by irritating their noses.

When you spritz this spray, the aroma “sticks,” thanks to the egg whites in it, and it won’t simply wash off in the rain.

The fantastic thing is that this really just affects raccoons. Deer and rabbits are only two of the many animals that you can keep out of your yard.

The major flaw with this spray is that it requires frequent application to be effective. There is therefore some upkeep required.

Best Predator Urine Repellent

Predators frequently use their pee to mark their territory in the wild. Since they are aware of the presence of predators nearby, raccoons frequently avoid places with this fragrance. Using the coyote urine from the Wildlife Research Center, you may simulate this in your own backyard.

Raccoons are the primary prey of coyotes, hence their urine is most effective against them. You can squirt urine-based pesticide all over your yard. As an alternative, you might use smell sponges, soak them in pee, and hang them around your yard.

Other creatures like bobcats or lynx can also work well for you. Using a few different kinds and irregularly changing the aroma in your yard is something I’d definitely advise. This prevents the raccoons from growing acclimated to the scent and disregarding it.

It can be very effective to use urine in conjunction with an electronic predator red-eye device (like this one). Together, they endanger the raccoons’ ability to smell and see. https://amzn.to/3nHP5xE

Best Raccoon Repellent Granules

Best Ultrasonic Racoon Repellent

Granules might be the next best option if the idea of keeping sprays or urine sounds too high maintenance. The Repels all Granules are the top raccoon-repelling products now available.

If you want an efficient treatment but don’t want to get wet with a spray, these granules are perfect. When raccoons mistakenly eat some while foraging, they are irritated by both the foul taste and odor.

These granules spread out quite easily; all you have to do is pick them up and disperse them in the desired location. They advise reapplying when the aroma has worn off, which might take up to two months.

If you’re experiencing issues with raccoons tearing up your yard in search of June bug grubs, I’d strongly advise applying them.

Best Repellent Trash bags

I strongly advise utilizing the Mint-X repellant bags if you’re experiencing the most issue with raccoons stealing from your trash cans.

The use of these bags is a clever and secure approach to keep raccoons away from your garbage. Strong and fragrant with mint, the bags are durable. Because mint odors particularly irritate their noses, raccoons detest them.

Raccoons won’t want to hang near these bags for very long once they smell them. The bags are sturdy, so they’ll have to fight hard to get inside of them, but they’ll probably give up because of the overwhelming smell.

Your trash bins will also smell wonderful and refreshingly minty.

The only drawback to these bags is that there is only one size available to fit a 33-gallon garbage bin. Therefore, they might not be a good size if you have a huge or tiny garbage can.

Final Thoughts

No longer do you have to be depressed about the mess raccoons are making in your yard. A wonderful place to start preventing them from entering your lawn is by using these powerful repellent techniques. These techniques are eco-friendly and humane ways to keep raccoons out of your yard.

Read my guide on additional ways to keep raccoons out of your yard if you want more advice. Combining a couple strategies is something I’d definitely advise doing to keep raccoons away permanently.


What animal are raccoons scared of?

Similar to any other prey and predator connection, raccoons and their predators have a bond. Animals that are their natural predators are avoided by raccoons. These predators come in the form of bobcats, coyotes, and great-horned owls.

Do raccoons bite humans?

Raccoons in good health won’t assault humans. But they might be inquisitive and approach you. They may bite or scratch in self-defense if startled. As wild animals, raccoons should ideally be left alone.

What do you do if a raccoon is in your yard?

Most of the time, mom was simply searching for food or a new den, and she will return shortly. But if mom is nowhere to be found the next morning, contact Animal Services for assistance. They will pick up the infants and make sure they are taken to a wildlife rehabilitation center. Let a raccoon be if you see one outside during the day.

What do raccoons hate the most?

A strategically placed flashlight can serve as a deterrent because raccoons like the darkness. Playing a little radio might help deter them since they’re also scared of unexpected noises. Finally, since raccoons detest the scent of ammonia, place a saucer full of it (or a rag drenched in ammonia) close to their entryway.

What are raccoons afraid of?

Cayenne pepper spray is a simple and reliable raccoon repellant since raccoons dislike spicy scents. Shake well before adding a small bottle of cayenne pepper and a bottle of spicy sauce to a gallon of water. Around your plants, bushes, and other garden plants, mist this pepper solution.


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