Do Squirrels Eat Bird Eggs? 6 Ways To Deter Them !


Do Squirrels Eat Bird Eggs? 6 Ways To Deter Them !

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Most people are aware of squirrels’ penchant for eating peanuts. Did you know that they enjoy eating other things as well? Do squirrels consume bird eggs, then?

Although it’s not common knowledge for squirrels to consume bird eggs, there have been stories of it happening occasionally. However, given that baby birds are simpler to catch and kill, it is more likely that they will go after them directly. If a squirrel does happen to eat a bird egg, it will probably do so out of necessity and hunger rather than because it likes the flavor.

It is well known that squirrels consume a wide range of items, such as nuts, berries, flowers, insects, and even other tiny animals. Actually, depending on the season and the resources available to them in their surroundings, their diet can change quite a little.

Do Squirrels Eat Bird Eggs?

If they are in a pinch, squirrels will definitely eat bird eggs, but it is not their favourite food. Since baby birds are simpler to catch and kill, they would much rather go after them themselves. If a squirrel eats a bird egg, it probably does it out of desperation and hunger rather than because it likes the taste.

There is no need to be concerned if squirrels frequently visit your backyard because they won’t steal your bird’s eggs. There are things you may do to stop them from visiting as frequently, though, if you discover that they are starting to bother you. Some individuals decide to install a squirrel feeder in their yard, giving the animals a another food source and, ideally, deterring them from raiding the bird feeders. Some people employ squirrel-proof bird feeders, which contain a perch that closes off access to the food when a squirrel tries to sit on it and is actuated by weight.

Although they are omnivores, they will consume bird eggs if they are starving or if it is the only meal they can find. Whatever approach you go with, keep in mind that squirrels are cunning animals, so it can take some trial and error before you find something that works.

If they are in enough need, squirrels will devour a variety of various kinds of bird eggs. This can apply to both eggs from larger birds like hawks or owls and eggs from smaller species like finches or warblers.

Why Would A Squirrel Eat Bird Eggs?

Why Would A Squirrel Eat Bird Eggs?

A squirrel may consume bird eggs if it is trying to rear its own young, which is another possible explanation. A breastfeeding squirrel will need to eat more calories in order to make milk for her young. A high-protein diet like eggs can help her get what she needs.

Since the mother bird is absent, squirrels pose a threat to the eggs as well. The squirrel can simply help himself to the eggs if a nest is left unattended or the mother bird is slain. The flavor of bird eggs may even be appealing to some squirrels. Despite not being their preferred food, if given the chance, they will eat them.

How Do Squirrels Hunt For Birds’ Eggs?

Squirrels can find bird eggs in a number of different ways. The most frequent method is straightforward nest raiding. The squirrel will wait until the birds have left the nest before rapidly snatching up the eggs before they can be retrieved by the parents.

Squirrels can also hunt for bird eggs by keeping an eye out for abandoned nests. If the parents are killed or the nest is destroyed, this may occur. The squirrel can simply assist himself to a meal after the eggs are no longer being protected.

And last, some squirrels will actually consume already-hatched bird eggs. The young birds, known as chicks, are easy prey for a hungry squirrel because they are still unable to fly.

How To Keep Squirrels Away From Your Birdhouses

You need to take certain security measures to prevent squirrels out of your birdhouses. Making ensuring the entrance hole is the proper size is one approach to achieve this. The hole must just be slightly larger than necessary for the bird to pass through. This will make it impossible for squirrels to get inside and grab the eggs. There are further methods. Here are a few ideas that work well:

1.Make It Harder For Squirrels To Get To The Eggs In The Birdhouse:

Making ensuring the entrance hole is the proper size is one approach to achieve this. The hole must just be slightly larger than necessary for the bird to pass through. This will make it impossible for squirrels to get inside and grab the eggs.

You might also try wrapping the foundation of the birdhouse with hardware cloth or chicken wire. The squirrels will find it more challenging to climb up and reach the eggs as a result of this.

Be sure to keep a watch on the birdhouse and take out any broken or abandoned eggs. Rodents and other animals may be drawn to the region by these.

2.Use A Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder:

There are several different types of squirrel-resistant bird feeders available. These feeders contain a weight-activated perch that, if a squirrel tries to land on it, will cut off the access to the food.

By fastening a baffle to the pole, you can also create your own bird feeder that is squirrel-proof. The baffle should be at least 12 inches in diameter and positioned around four feet off the ground. This will make it impossible for the squirrels to scale the birdfeeder.

3.Provide An Alternate Food Source For The Squirrels:

Giving squirrels a different food supply is one technique to keep them away from your area. By putting a squirrel feeder in your yard, you can do this. Make sure to fill it with premium food that the squirrels will enjoy.

Another option is to try sprinkling nuts and seeds across your yard. The squirrels won’t need to steal from the birdfeeders because of this because they will have something to eat.

4.Use A Repellent:

You can use a variety of repellents to prevent squirrels from accessing your bird feeders. A sonic repellant is the most typical kind. These gadgets make a loud noise that prevents squirrels from approaching.

Another option is to use a chemical repellent. The perimeter of your yard can be sprayed with these repellents to form a barrier that the squirrels won’t cross.

Use any form of repellant according to the directions on the label. If handled improperly, several repellents might be dangerous to animals.

5.Take Away Their Cover:

Eliminating the squirrels’ cover is one approach to keep them away. Trim back any trees or bushes that are close to your bird feeders. By doing this, the squirrels’ hiding spots will be eliminated, making it harder for them to access the feeders.

Try putting the bird feeders in a space that is open as well. The squirrels will find it more difficult to approach covertly as a result of this.

6.Consider The Location Of Your Birdhouse:

Make sure to take location into account when placing your birdhouse. Keep it away from areas where squirrels can easily get it, such as close to trees. Instead, attempt to put it somewhere open where squirrels will find it more difficult to access.

Another option is to try fastening the birdhouse to a pole or other object. The squirrels will find it more challenging to climb up and get to the entrance hole as a result of this.

Wrapping Up

Wrapping Up

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What food is poisonous to squirrels?

Except for berries, pits and seeds can be poisonous. Dates, any type of dried fruit, figs, fruit juice, persimmons, plums, prunes, and raisins should all be avoided.

Is it OK to put food out for squirrels?

Feeding wildlife carries risks even in the absence of invaders. Feeding squirrels could make them forget their inherent dread of people, which wouldn’t be beneficial for either party.

Are squirrels good for anything?

They are the gardeners of nature. According to McCleery, squirrels play a significant ecological role, particularly in forest habitats. “Shaping plant composition is their primary contribution to the forest. They have an odd habit of burying seeds, which are their primary source of nutrition.

What would happen if squirrels went extinct?

Everyone would go hungry. A food chain is defined as “the feeding interaction between producers and consumers,” in case you’re unfamiliar. How acorns, squirrels, and foxes interact is an illustration of this. Foxes eat squirrels, and squirrels eat acorns.

What are squirrels favorite food?

They enjoy eating acorns, walnuts, hickory nuts, and Osage orange fruits among other things. When food becomes limited later in the winter, they may also eat wild tree fruits, nuts, and tree buds.


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