Top Three Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders in 2015


Top Three Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders in 2015

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The act of feeding birds is enjoyable and soothing. Instead of feeding the squirrels, you should feed the birds. We can assist if nearby squirrels are raiding your bird feeders and consuming all the bird seed.

Our top three picks for squirrel-proof bird feeders have been discovered.

Also, we’ve developed a bird feeder buying guide to assist you with your decision. The variety and frequency of birds you see will depend on the sort of feeder you choose.

Did you realize that there are other backyard animals to take into account when choosing a feeder? Because squirrels will always follow where there are bird feeders.

Squirrels and Bird Feeders

We must admit that we find squirrels to be really cool. Some squirrels have a 20-foot vertical jump. Other squirrels have a top speed of 23 mph. Squirrels come in more than 200 different varieties and are present on all continents with the exception of Australia and Antarctica.

Squirrels shouldn’t be consuming food from your bird feeders, though. Birds will flee in fear of squirrels. They frequently harm the feeder as well. Squirrels will feast themselves once they have access to the bird seed. The majority of the time, when squirrels and birds are allowed to eat at the same feeder, the squirrels will gradually consume most of the food and the birds will finally disappear.

Hence, even though we enjoy spending time with our squirrel friends, we advise using a squirrel-proof bird feeder.

How to Make Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders

Do birdfeeders that are squirrel-proof actually work? The squirrel you ask will determine the answer. Several businesses advertise that they have a squirrel-proof bird feeder, yet before long a squirrel will have discovered a way in.

There are primarily two methods for protecting a bird feeder against squirrels. As follows:

  • A puzzle
  • This big plastic dome rotates when you touch it. On wires or poles, baffles are positioned. These completely stop the squirrel from getting to the bird feeder. The squirrel will be twisted around and sent back to the ground after he climbs onto the baffle.

    You may purchase a feeder with built-in baffles or even create your own using recycled plastic soda bottles. A cheap solution is a homemade squirrel-proof bird feeder. But keep in mind that pre-made baffles will typically produce greater results.

  • A weight system
  • This feeder lever manages who has access to the seed. The weight of the animal regulates it. The seed ports are open when a bird rests on the lever. Yet, the seed gates close when a squirrel is seated on the lever. Often, the weight threshold is movable.

    Your best option in this situation is going to be a feeder you buy with this mechanism because you typically can’t make this yourself.

    Which Squirrel Proofing Method is the Best?

    Which Squirrel Proofing Method is the Best?

    Your bird feeder should be placed at least eight feet away from any wires, branches, or other things that squirrels can climb up. If doing this requires some trial and error on your part, don’t worry. Those squirrels are quite intelligent! Until you locate the ideal location, you might need to reposition your feeder a few times.

    The Different Types of Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders

    There are typically two different types of bird feeders. The first kind can be hung on a hook. They can be discovered all throughout the yard, even on tree branches and fences. The second type is an independent one. This feeder is fastened to a pole that serves as a squirrel-proof bird feeder. Great illustrations of both varieties of feeders can be found here:

    Our Top Three Choices:

    There are many different bird feeders available. We’ve done our homework, so don’t be concerned. The best of the lot are these three bird feeders. They have excellent customer satisfaction scores and are gorgeous, strong, and affordable. Even better, each of them has a mechanism that successfully stops squirrels from consuming the bird seed.

    #3 Brome 1057 Squirrel Buster Standard Wild Bird Feeder

    One of the best-selling models from renowned bird feeder manufacturer Brome is the 1057 Squirrel Buster Standard. Although having features often found in much more expensive feeders, this feeder is only about $35.

    Clinging and perching birds of many different species are drawn to the 1057. You might witness American Gold Finches, Hairy Woodpeckers, Rose-Breasted Grosbeaks, White-Breasted Nuthatches, Indigo Buntings, Cardinals, Chickadees, and more depending on where you live. Yet no squirrels will be visible.

    Top qualities:

  • Technique for Saving Seed
  • Keep squirrels out of the feeders so the birds can eat peacefully. Birds can access the seed tray through openings in the bottom part. But, when a squirrel jumps onto the feeder, the added weight closes the tray’s entry, making it impossible to obtain the seed.

  • Tube with Negative Grip
  • Squirrels are quick and intelligent. The seed saver technology on the 1057 is not compromised by squirrels thanks to the negative grip tube. In essence, the squirrel can’t hang upside down on the feeder and grip the wire with its back legs to get to the seed (never underestimate the abilities of a hungry squirrel).

  • Mechanism for Ventilating Seeds
  • With prolonged exposure to the weather, seed can become mushy and rancid. The seed ventilation system in this feeder is used. Fresh air enters through the seed holes while hot, humid air exits through top vents. The bird seed remains fresh all year, attracting birds.

  • RoxResin
  • This particular substance adds a strong layer of durability. RoxResin is UV stabilized, waterproof, and rust proof. Even the dishwasher will work with the feeder! The extremes of all the seasons can be handled with this feeder.

  • Flexible
  • The 1057 may essentially be placed anywhere. The feeder can be mounted on a freestanding pole, branch hooks, extension hooks, or wall brackets for hanging. You need at least 16 inches of clearance all around the feeder for optimal results. This keeps squirrels who perform tricks from obtaining the seeds without leaning on the feeder. The Squirrel Proof technology will prevent the squirrel from accessing the seeds even if it is forced to climb onto the real feeder.


    The technology known as Squirrel Proof is quite good at preventing squirrels from consuming the seed. The feeder won’t harm the squirrel in any manner at the same time. Even the weight restrictions on the feeder can be changed. If you also wish to stop huge birds or other animals from consuming the seed, doing this works nicely.

    Also, this feeder is made to last. Weather and animal damage are very difficult to do to the RoxResin substance. The 1057 Squirrel Buster will last far longer than just one season, in contrast to comparable feeders in this general price range.

    Ports for ventilation keep the seed dry and healthy. Consumers report fresh, dry seed even after severe weather events like heavy rain and below-freezing blizzards. All year round, this is a critical food supply for our feathered companions.


    There isn’t anything to criticize about this feeder. The Squirrel Proof technology of the 1057 may not be as appealing to you if you’re a squirrel, of course. One of the most successful squirrel-proof solutions we’ve ever seen is also one of the most humane.

    The feeder’s relatively tiny capacity is its sole significant drawback. This seed feeder has a capacity of 3/4 quart. If there are many birds in your area, you might need to fill the feeder every day or two. This is a small complaint, though. The feeder has enough seed inside to last the entire day and feed many birds. Moreover, when kept in a big capacity feeder for a long time, seed can occasionally become bad.

    #2 Zenith Innovation 003 Oasis Bird Feeder

    The Oasis, also called the Effort-Less Bird Feeder, is a gravity-fed, freestanding dispenser that contains a lot of seed, is simple to clean, and is generally very bird-friendly. On the other side, squirrels won’t find this to be a very friendly place. The Oasis is protected from unwelcome small animal intrusion by a squirrel guard and other measures.

    A variety of birds are drawn to the enormous feed tray. You might see cardinals, finches, chickadees, and more depending on where you live. Your feathered guests will also like the two water cups that are placed on the side in addition to the birdseed. Moreover, a second bottom tray is included to capture any bird seed that spills over from the main tray.


  • Simple to Clean
  • A middle pole that is included supports the feeder. The area where the seeds are stored is accessible by simply pulling a pin. There is no need for step stools or ladders.

  • Simple to Move
  • One of the greatest freestanding feeders available is this one. The feeder is supported by a center pole that is specifically made for that purpose, so the unit is stable on a range of surfaces, including grass and pebbles. Sand is used as weight at the base to prevent damage to your lawn during installation.

    The feeder is around six feet tall in its entirety. Yet, the base is substantial enough to endure high winds, rain, and snow. The complete feeder measures 26.8 by 16.6 by 6.2 inches and weighs 11 pounds (with base).

  • Squirrel Resistant
  • Squirrels are prevented from scaling the pole by a sizable dome. Also, most seeds are caught in the secondary feeding tray before they fall to the ground. This makes squirrels less likely to stay around the feeder’s base.

  • Broad Capacity
  • Almost two and a half pounds of seed can be stored in the feeder. As a result, the Oasis ranks among the biggest feeders available. Although it is simple to refill, it is not required to do so frequently because to the high capacity. Plenty of water is stored in the two side cups.

    Consider the birdfeeder as a cafĂ© for the avian residents of the area. Many of them can eat and drink while seated side by side at the feeder. Additionally, they can do it without the squirrels’ interruption.


  • Its feeder is independent. The Oasis is most likely not the greatest choice if you’re searching for a feeder that you can hang from a fence or outside a window.
  • Bird seed has a chance of going bad due to the great storage capacity. Yet this isn’t really the feeder’s fault. Instead, the seed may eventually go stale if few birds utilize the feeder. The greatest places to utilize this feeder are where there are lots of birds.
  • #1 Brome 1024 Squirrel Buster Plus Wild Bird Feeder with Cardinal Perch Ring

    One of our favorite feeders available right now is the 1024 Squirrel Buster, another fantastic product from Brome. This feeder’s proprietary Squirrel Buster technology delivers a cozy, secure, and welcoming environment for a variety of species. Also included is a lifetime, hassle-free warranty for the complete feeder.


  • Capacity of Three Quarts
  • Three quarts of seed can be stored in the 1024. Black oil sunflower seed is a fantastic option for most regions, though if you’re attempting to draw particular local species, you might want to experiment with different combinations.

  • Attractive to birds
  • Many chirping and perching birds are drawn to the unusual design. This feeder may attract American Gold Finches, Chickadees, Cardinals, Downy Woodpeckers, Indigo Buntings, Rose-Breasted Grosbeaks, Evening Grosbeaks, Purple Finches, and more depending on your region.

    Any nearby Cardinals will have a cozy perch thanks to the attached Cardinal ring. During feeding, cardinals won’t turn their heads. These birds can feed from the feeder while looking forward thanks to the thick, textured Cardinal perch.

  • Squirrel Resistant
  • Access to the seed is made possible by seed openings on the feeder’s bottom. Yet, the additional weight closes those seed outlets whenever a squirrel or other large animal gets atop the feeder. The squirrel and other animals are not harmed by this, but it hinders access to the seed.

    The necessary weights can be changed. A tiny red squirrel’s weight, or around four ounces, is the default value. The weight threshold can be adjusted to enable heavier or lighter animals.

  • Mobile
  • The 1024 can be quickly hung on a tree hook, extension hook, or wall bracket. Because of this, you may hang the feeder almost anywhere, such as from a tree, a deck, a fence, above sliding glass doors, and more.

  • Simple to Clean
  • Cleaning up is simple. The feeder is simple to disassemble and clean in your dishwasher. Moreover, the UV-stabilized components shield the seeds from solar harm. Even under snowy, windy, and rainy weather, seeds remain dry and fresh.

    The feeder is also made durable with RoxResin. Its substance is resistant to biting and scratches. RoxResin not only withstands the elements all year long, but it also thwarts squirrels’ attempts to chew, claw, or otherwise gain access to the delectable birdseed.


  • Price
  • This feeder is the most costly on the list, costing about $80-$90. Yet, the 1024 Squirrel Buster will last for years despite being repeatedly exposed to wet weather, unlike some of the more affordable variants that are available.

    Also, the feeder is strong enough to resist the neighborhood squirrels’ most determined attempts to break in. Several “squirrel-proof” bird feeders have been destroyed by voracious squirrels. Whatever the squirrels try to throw at the RoxResin material, it can take it.


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    Why you should not feed wild birds?

    Bird-feeding disease bird feeding A birdfeeder, bird table, or tray feeder is an outdoor device used to provide food to birds (bird feeding). Because different species have varying preferences, a bird feeder’s ability to draw in birds depends on both its placement and the types of food it provides. bird feeder at Bird feeders, according to Wikipedia, can speed up the spread of disease in three different ways: by bringing animals closer together than they would naturally, by encouraging more defecation, which harbors bacteria that cause a number of different illnesses, and by spreading moldy bread, which can result in a fatal lung infection that can wipe out entire populations.

    What household food can I feed wild birds?

    – Baked goods: Backyard birds enjoy eating stale or dry bread, bread crusts, donuts, cakes, cookies, and crackers.- Cheese: Birds will happily eat hard, stale cheese pieces.

    Why shouldn’t you feed wild birds?

    Bird-feeding diseasebird feedingA birdfeeder, bird table, or tray feeder is an outdoor device used to provide food to birds (bird feeding). Because different species have varying preferences, a bird feeder’s ability to draw in birds depends on both its placement and the types of food it provides. bird feeder at Bird feeders, according to Wikipedia, can speed up the spread of disease in three different ways: by bringing animals closer together than they would naturally, by encouraging more defecation, which harbors bacteria that cause a number of different illnesses, and by spreading moldy bread, which can result in a fatal lung infection that can wipe out entire populations.

    What foods are toxic to birds?

    The avocado. Persin, a fatty acid-like compound found in avocado plant leaves, destroys fungus on the plant. – Caffeine,… – Chocolate,… – Salt,… – Fat,… – Apple seeds,… – Fruit pits,… – Onions,… – Xylitol.

    What should you not feed wild birds?

    – Bread, whether it is new or stale, has little nutritional benefit for birds and should be avoided if possible.- Chocolate includes theobromine, which makes it hazardous to both dogs and cats and birds as well. Never give birds any foods containing chocolate.


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