What Do Dolphins Eat?


What Do Dolphins Eat?

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One of the most well-known marine animals in the world is the dolphin. The suborder of Cetacea includes these aquatic mammals.

The planet is home to 40 different dolphin species. The Maui’s dolphin, which measures 1.7 meters long and typically weighs 50 kg, is the smallest species of dolphin. The 9.5-meter-long killer whale, which typically weighs over 10 tons, is the largest dolphin species.

These creatures are unlike your typical pets because of their enormous size. They can only be found in the ocean or in huge aquariums.

What Do Dolphins Eat?

What Do Dolphins Eat?

Different dolphin species have different feeding preferences. Some species have a propensity to concentrate more on some food types than others. However, herding methods are employed by all dolphin species to capture their prey.

Here is a brief overview of the most popular meals that the majority of dolphin species love eating:


For dolphins, this is the most typical source of food. The majority of dolphin species eat fish, and they are generally content to eat any kind of fish. The concentration is on smaller fish species for smaller dolphin species.

Bottlenose dolphins are one of the dolphin species that do not chew their food. As a result, they concentrate on fish that can be swallowed whole.

Larger dolphin species will eat fish species that are much bigger. For instance, orcas have been known to intentionally hunt and consume lesser species of dolphin.


The diet of choice for many dolphin species is squid. Squids typically do not contain a lot of fat in their body, therefore these aquatic critters do not give much fat. In comparison to other food sources like beef, dolphins must eat far more food if they are to thrive on squid meat.

Most dolphin species require more than squid to survive. To gain the energy they require to stay active, they also catch fish.


The octopus offers little fat, much like squid. However, smaller dolphin species often eat this kind of food. Due to their cunning nature and inherent camouflage, most octopuses are exceedingly difficult to capture. But because dolphins have such a large number of razor-sharp teeth, these eight-legged creatures are very vulnerable to them.

Sea turtles

Quite huge sea turtles can be caught and eaten by larger dolphin species. However, because to the softer shells of smaller sea turtles like hatchlings, dolphins usually concentrate on them. Sea turtles that are fully grown are not particularly vulnerable to dolphins since their tough shells provide them with plenty of defense.


Plankton is a favorite food of smaller dolphin species. Large bodies of water are where you’ll typically find these organisms. Because plankton frequently gathers in huge groups, dolphins can easily rake up these microscopic organisms.


Crustaceans are known to be eaten by dolphins of all sizes. Crabs, lobsters, crayfish, shrimp, krill, and many other species are among the over 67 000 species of crustaceans. For a large variety of fish species, crustaceans are an essential food source.

Marine mammals

Marine mammals may be hunted by larger dolphin species, such as killer whales. These larger dolphins frequently eat sea lions, walruses, seals, sharks, penguins, seabirds, whales, and other marine creatures.

Diet Variations

Due of their inability to eat plant material, dolphins do not have a very diverse diet. When extremely hungry, some dolphin species, such as orcas, which typically hunt larger prey, may opt to eat smaller things like crabs or small fish.

To catch larger creatures like seals, smaller dolphin species like the bottlenose dolphin may also hunt collectively. Overall though, dolphins will only eat meat-based items.

How to Feed Dolphins?

How to Feed Dolphins?

Fish, squid, and crustaceans can be added to the water to feed hungry dolphins in the wild. Although they are fairly courageous, wild dolphins are not likely to approach you directly to acquire food.

How Much Do Dolphins Eat?

A dolphin’s size and species will determine how much food it consumes. A 200–250 kg dolphin typically eats 10–25 kg of fish each day.

Dolphins kept in aquariums are closely watched, and the proper food is provided based on the dolphins’ species and weight.

What do Baby Dolphins Eat?

We refer to young dolphins as calves. Mammals like dolphins depend on their mother’s milk to stay alive. Dolphin calves can suckle from their mothers for a very long time.

But after a few months, they will begin to consume modest amounts of fish.

Dolphin calves will eat more meat as they become bigger until they can effectively wean themselves.

What Kind Of Fish Do Dolphins Like To Eat?

A wide variety of fish species are enjoyed by dolphins. Most of the time, they concentrate on non-poisonous fish species, though some dolphin species do choose particular kinds of fish over others.

How Do Dolphins Eat Their Prey?

Dolphins can hunt on their own, however they frequently crowd fish to catch prey. They typically move in pods or groups and cooperate to capture prey. These mammals use a variety of methods to catch fish.

One of their favorite methods is bait balling. In this technique, a dolphin pod will circle a school of fish and drive them into a close grouping. These fish are much easier to kill when they are grouped together tightly.

Do Dolphins Eat Birds?

The killer whale and other larger dolphins are known to hunt a variety of creatures, including marine birds. Some dolphin species work with specific marine birds to seek and catch fish rather than eating birds.

Do Dolphins Eat Penguins?

Foods that are too big for dolphins to swallow whole are typically avoided. Only larger dolphins, such orcas, will capture and consume penguins.

Dolphins are wonderfully fascinating animals, but they need a lot of nutritious food to stay healthy and to keep their energy levels high so they can swim all day and night.

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