What Do Peacocks Eat?


What Do Peacocks Eat?

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A beautiful bird known as a peafowl is more commonly referred to as a peacock. These stunning birds, who are members of the Phasianidae family, can be recognized by their eye-catching tail feathers with eye spots and their brilliant blue metallic necks, which they are so pleased to display during mating season.

Peafowl are not found in many different species. There are only four major species of peafowl: the Indian peafowl, the Congo peafowl, the Green peafowl, and the albino White peafowl.

Peahens have a quite uninteresting appearance. They just have a tiny touch of metallic green around their necks and lack flashy tail feathers. On the other hand, peacocks are pretty magnificent.

Most people keep peacocks because of their beauty and piercing calls. They are not bred as food, despite the fact that humans may consume them; rather, they are raised as pets to ward against pests or to provide color to gardens.

What Do Peacocks Eat?

What Do Peacocks Eat?


Plants are adored by peafowl. Their primary source of nourishment is plants. They enjoy eating many plant parts, including flower petals, seed heads, soft leaves, and even soft roots, and will pick at a variety of plants. These self-assured birds take pleasure in consuming grasses, Lucerne, leafy greens, and a variety of other plants from your garden.


A favorite food of peafowl is insects. These birds find a good supply of protein in insects such as crickets, grasshoppers, earthworms, mealworms, maggots, beetles, ants, termites, and just about any other creature they can locate when scratching in the dirt.


Peafowl may kick and kill smaller animals because of their long, pointed talons and big size. These birds are very ferocious and can readily catch and overpower little lizards. Peafowl will consume any small reptile they may find, with the exception of turtles whose tough shells may make them difficult to consume.


Peafowl’s razor-sharp beak and blazing-fast reflexes are unmatched by amphibians. These nimble birds take pleasure in consuming salamanders and frogs that they catch on land or that stay in shallow waters.

Game feed pellets

Additionally, you can give your peafowl game feed pellets. These foods are especially beneficial during the cold months when there may be less natural food options. The high levels of protein found in game breeder meals are essential for the health and strength of peafowl.


Additionally, peafowl likes to consume grains. They like eating many different grains, but they particularly like corn and wheat. Additionally, they might consume grains like oats or other grains that they find in crops or in the food bowls of your other pets.

Fruits and vegetables

A variety of delectable fruits and vegetables are also favorites among these birds. Fruits like apples, berries, pawpaws, grapes, strawberries, mangoes, and pretty much any other fruit they can locate, whether sweet or sour, are favorites of theirs. They also like a variety of vegetables, including spinach, lettuce, cucumber, green beans, and peas. Additionally, you can give your peacock some cooked and cooled vegetables like sweet potato or pumpkin.

Pet food

Due to their passion of eating pet chow, peafowl may be rather bothersome when near pet bowls. They can easily wolf down things like dog or cat kibble because they do have rather wide jaws. These foods are quite appetizing.

Diet Variation

Nearly everything, including table scraps, will be consumed by peafowl. They might even consume human meals that are unhealthy for them and have a lot of sugar and spices in them. To keep them healthy, you should try to keep them away from your trash cans.

How To Feed Peacocks?

How To Feed Peacocks?

What Do Peacocks Eat In the Wild?

In some regions of the world and in forests, peafowl still exist in the wild. They depend on vegetation, insects, and little creatures like frogs and lizards to thrive in the wild. If they come across wild berries in their natural habitat, they might also eat those.

What Do Peacocks Eat in Captivity?

These birds are frequently housed in gardens while in captivity so they can eat the plants and insects found there. To maintain their health, they are also given additional foods like cereal, grains, pellets, or other pet foods.

What do Baby Peacocks Eat?

Peachicks, the name for baby peafowl, are rather shy when they are young. Within three to four days, peachicks must learn to find their own food through foraging. They eat the nutrients they obtain from their yolk sacks before hatching and rely on those for the first 24 to 48 hours to survive. Their mother helps them find a variety of meals, including insects, seeds, grains, and berries, while staying by their side.

To help them grow during their first few days, peachicks can also be given chopped leafy greens, grain meal, cooked and cooled vegetables, chopped fruits, small insects, or even hard-boiled eggs.

How Much Do Peacocks Eat?

Most of the time, these birds graze on uncultivated vegetation. They must be fed a variety of foods each day and should have access to fresh water. To keep their peafowl healthy, the majority of pet owners give them a daily supplement of maize or a tiny handful of pellet feeds.

How Often Do Peacocks Eat?

Peafowl are free to eat whenever they choose. They spend a lot of time searching for insects and food, and they often take long naps in the shade during the warmest part of the day. The majority of pet owners decide to give them an additional meal either in the morning or in the afternoon.

Do Peacocks Eat Snakes?

Peafowl may indeed catch and consume snakes. They move fairly quickly and are aware of how to avoid being bitten. They do, however, primarily concentrate on little snakes and will run away if they come upon a large snake.

Do Peacocks Eat Fish?

Peafowl can discover and catch small fish in shallow waters by using their keen senses and quick movements. However, these lovely birds do not often eat from this source.

Do Peacocks Eat Meat?

Meat is consumed by peafowl. They catch amphibians, lizards, and occasionally even small animals like mice. For them to be healthy, they require protein.

Do Peacocks Eat Bread?

Grain is a favorite food of peafowl. If they come across bread, they will also consume it. These birds can safely eat a small amount of bread as a treat every now and again, but they shouldn’t consume excessive amounts.

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